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Widespread Narcotic Wasteland Lyrics by Dallas Toler-Wade

The epidemic that threatens us today
Grows in the streets stronger everyday
Pushing drugs on impressionable youth
For nothing but monetary gain
Then you hear the gunshots
Stray bullets go through my son’s bedroom wall
Luckily he was not home that day
When domestic gunfire erupts at the neighbor’s house
Widespread Narcotic Wasteland
And for those who are not fiends
Protect your family with your life
A world of thieves and wannabe gangsters
Murderers of innocents
With selfish ignorance
Turning my quiet neighborhood into a dangerous place to be
Wasting away this gift of life
With dealing stealing and violent crimes
When I thought things could not get worse
A meth lab exploded a block from my house
What would they do for a crack rock
Would they suck me off or try to steal my guitars
Once trustworthy friends
Now compulsive liars in the county jailbird paper
Widespread narcotic wasteland
And for those who are not Fiends
Protect your family with your life
Addiction violence and confusion
With no way to escape
They turn to the only thing they know
Doing anything for that temporary fix
To escape from reality
Born into poverty in the land of supposed opportunity
Raised in the most toxic of environments
We need inner strength to break this viscous cycle
And help pave the way for our youth
So they can escape this narcotic wasteland