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The Shackles of Sobriety Lyrics by Dallas Toler-Wade

You live in fear
But it feels so good you just don’t care
Afraid to face the day with a normal state of mind
You cannot function in reality without being intoxicated
Then you get to that place where you become so frustrated
Too wasted to function
Dependent on your drug of choice
You must break the Shackles of sobriety
Searching for that fine line between brilliance and intoxication
Forever drowning in those bottles
You are suffocating but think you’re so alive
You fear sobriety
Once a new sensation
Now a total binge
Loving that twisted feeling
Getting drunk is so appealing
To the point of spitting verbal venom in disgust
When was the last time you spent a day without getting high
Do you remember what it’s like
You feel you cannot express yourself without chopping lines
Now it’s just a part of the daily grind