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Keeping up with the Jones Lyrics by Dallas Toler-Wade

There is no hope or future
For the once thriving and competitive middle class
Most of them are dependent on prescription drugs
To escape the pathetic existence that became their lives

No more showing off your fancy car
No more bragging about your house or television
Hustling the streets to make a quick dollar
Just to keep up with the jones

They never want to leave the cradle of their misled intoxicated youth
Extremely ill prepared for unwanted responsibility
Now they stay sedated just to cope with their neglected children
Willingly systematically keeping up with the jones

Manic generation
With lortabs methadone and totem poles
Hillbilly Heroine
Chewing on morphine patches
On the outside the house looks new
On the inside they live in filth
No self esteem or ambition left
Just keeping up with the jones

It is time for a great intervention before it’s too late
Education is essential in a world of misinformation
You must have the respect to be honest with yourself
Stop lying and making excuses to justify keeping up with the jones