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Sex, Lies, and DNA
Neighborly quiet polite he keeps to himself
But you sense something is off about him
Yet you never really suspect anything
Until you catch the smell of rotting flesh
Sexually conflicted
With abandonment issues
Intoxicated on power and control to satisfy the dark lust in his mind
Sex Lies DNA
Sex Lies DNA
A complete serial psychopath who has to kill to get high
Sex Lies DNA
Sex Lies DNA

On your back bound and gagged regretting your last life decision
The killer gloats and has their way
Ejaculating on your terrified face
Intoxicated on the ritual of sex killing and dismemberment
Exacting the victims demise
Drunk and morally detached
A surgeon of the darkest art
Taking innocent lives
Unknowingly the prey enters his realm
To find themselves drugged and under the blade
Carved up to perfection
With the viscera he masturbates

Once a victim briefly escaped his grasp
Just to be returned to the killer by incompetent law enforcement
Cunning Lying Persuasive
They failed to see the blood from the lobotomy
Misguided youth becomes enslaved prey
Hole in the head his brain filled with acid
Unresponsive unable to verbalize
Please don’t let him kill me
Sex, Lies, and DNA
Sex, Lies, and DNA
A crime of passion and a passion for crime
Sex, Lies, and DNA
Sex, Lies, and DNA

It saddens me
To see the monsters we are capable of being
To kill each other for the most selfish of reasons
Entitled deranged
It could be a serial murderer
Or the attorney with a pill addiction who is failing in life
We never hear the screams of the drowning children
When their father feels he can no longer afford them
Poisoning your family for money
Not conflicted by taking a life
Killing for sex killing for lies killing for DNA