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Music and Lyrics: Dallas Toler-Wade
Guitars: Dallas Toler-Wade
Bass: Chris Corcione
Drums: Erik Schultek
Recorded and engineered by Dallas Toler -Wade and Erik Schultek at level 3 Studios. Performed by Narcotic Wasteland.


The Best Times Have Passed

As I awake for the day
Closer to death than life
Forever chasing searching for youth that has long gone away
Much time has passed and my candle flickers more
Holding onto the last bit of flame
Fighting off the inevitable darkness
My passion is immortal and is here to stay
As memories fade and my mind decays
The body feels more pain
I hold onto my accomplishments and failures
My life will never be in vain

As I hold back tears and anxiety
From mindless domestic trauma and wasted time
I am suddenly overwhelmed with elation
Through my craft I gained a piece of immortality
My bloodline will continue
With a spirit of wax and a body of wane

From the peak of life to dust in the wind
I remain a constant beyond life changing many forms
Not alive but will never cease to exist
The physical body rots and perpetuates life
There was never enough time
Now the best times have gone
The best years have passed
Into the void with nothing but my remaining passions
I am the dust in the wind singular echo in time