Narcotic Wasteland @ Eternal Carnage: Dallas Toler Wade's Birthday Metal Massacre

Eternal Carnage: Dallas Toler Wade's Birthday Metal Massacre, Tampa, FL

Welcome to the Metal Inferno: Dallas Toler Wade's Birthday Bash Tour Event Page - Tampa Edition!

Prepare to be engulfed in flames of metal madness as we bring the infernal celebration to Tampa, Florida! Join us for an electrifying night of headbanging, mosh pits, and devilish revelry as we honor Dallas Toler Wade's birthday and commemorate the 10-year anniversary of Narcotic Wasteland's self-titled debut album.

Get ready to experience skull-shattering performances, blistering guitar solos, and heart-pounding drum beats as we unleash pure chaos on stage. This is your chance to witness a legendary lineup of metal acts and special guests in a night that promises to be unforgettable.